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   “Loving ourselves to love the world.

Are you ready to Rise in Radiance?


Do you desire:



-To Heal from old wounds that your toxic relationship has left. 

-To Release stale stories and limiting beliefs that are no longer serving you so you may move forward in life,          embracing this current version of you.

-To Lead yourself and your life in a way that is aligned with who you are and who you’re becoming.

-Being the version of yourself that lives Bravely and in absolute Sovereignty?

-Further, your Self-Awareness so you may really understand who you are.

– To Rebalance your nervous system so you may feel safe in exploring your INNER SELF and your BODY. 

– To walk your Self-Discovery path, embody your Divinity, and Shine your Light!

Alchemize your emotions and shift that energy into power so that it may be utilized to elevate you and your      life.  


Hi love,

It doesn’t feel like too long ago I was sitting in my car, literally watching myself drown. Losing myself to a toxic relationship, I had to make a change.

I understand what life is like when you lose yourself and are sitting at rock bottom. My life has been a great experience of trial and error. I now guide others through their healing journey using various modalities like somatic practice, art, dance, Reiki, meditation, and other rituals to release unwholesome energy from the body.

Your healing journey can be a miraculous adventure of self-discovery.

If you’re ready to jump into a world of exploration, I’m here to guide you.

Together, let’s strengthen your awareness and play within the realms of the unconscious and Conscious mind.

Within yourself are keys that are waiting to be illuminated. These keys are the codes to unlock your fullest potential.

During our time together, you will alchemize your emotions by turning inwards and releasing what is not life-giving.

It’s only when you turn inwards that the self-discovery journey can begin.  

Until the next time Sunshine, 

Melanie Carolyn

My Services

  • Discover yourself on a whole new level.

  • Ready to release fears and doubts.

  • Shed limiting beliefs and false stories preventing you from stepping into your power.

  • Ready to take healing to the next level.

  • Strategize any issues you may be having that prevents you from taking the next big move in your life.

  • Alchemize your emotions, turning all into gold.

  • Own the Radiant Radical being that you are.

4 weeks with Melanie Carolyn

  • 45 minute weekly zoom sessions to chat about your transformation

  • Weekly check-ins to discuss your progress.

  • Weekly meditations to move through your emotions.

  • Techniques to support your healing and growth.

8 Weeks with Melanie Carolyn

  • 6 – Weekly 45  minute weekly zoom sessions

  • 8- Weekly check-ins to chat about your transformation

  • Weekly meditations to guide you through your feelings and emotions

  • + 1 oracle reading to provide clarity and insight

  • Techniques that will last a life time and support your life

  • +Unlimited coaching and support using Whatsapp within coaching hours

12 weeks with Melanie Carolyn

  • 10 – 45 minute weekly zoom sessions

  • 12 – Weekly check-ins to discuss your transformation.

  • Weekly meditations to alchemize your emotions and support your growth.

  • + 2 Reiki sessions to clear any stagnated energy and clear the Kundalini path

  • + 2 Oracle readings to provide insight during this time

  • Techniques to support you through a life time.

  • 12 weeks of Coaching and support w/ Whatsapp

  • + Custom meditation specifically for you!


12 weeks – $3333

8 weeks – $1777

4 weeks – $444


Lets make Magic together!

I totally get what it’s like to be on a self-discovery journey, it’s scary yet so invigorating all at the same time. It’s my desire to guide and support you through the layers of your transition.

At Home Service &/or Zoom

Lakewood, Tacoma, Steilacoom, Dupont,

University Place


  • Reiki Healing

  • Chakra Balance

  • Energy Clearing

  • 1:1 Guided Meditation

  • Mindful Activities to destress your everyday life

Who is this for?


This is for those that want to

  • Learn how to meditate

  • Be guided through meditation

  • Be more mindful in everyday life

  • Wants to receive Reiki healing

  • Wants to receive energy clearing

  • For those that seek a deeper connection with themselves.

  • Balance and Grounding

  • Gain Clarity, Awareness, and Knowledge

Melanie Carolyn's Services
Rising Sunchaser Services
Melanie Carolyn's Services

Heather says,


“For years I have given to those around me and neglected myself. I rarely felt joy and often felt unworthy of love, care, and respect. This narrative of “unworthiness” was part of a defense system I built to protect myself from my past trauma. Melanie helped me see that I am no longer a child in a powerless situation; I am an adult with the power to choose who I want in my life and who to listen to. I have the power to choose how I respond to situations and to carve a new path for myself – one where the love, care, and compassion I give myself amplifies the joy I feel and the love and care I give to those around me.”  

– Heather Olson

Jennifer says,

Melanie was relaxed, natural, and, most importantly, empowering. She understood who I am and connected with me”

– Jennifer Butler

Jenny says,

“Working with Mel has helped me to “befriend” my anxiety, so I can understand it better. She’s taught me how to control my breathing and be self aware of what I’m feeling in the moment. Her teachings have opened a door of peace and understanding in my life. This has lead to dealing with unhealed traumas in a healthy manor. Her calm spirit helps guide me even at times I’m not with her.

– Jenny Durocher. 

Leah says,

“Melanie is a super coach! She held a great presence of ease. She really understood my story and helped me formulate a mantra to help carry me through a certain problematic time of day with grace and compassion for myself and my children. She also made sure I set up the conditions for success. It has served me well.

Thanks again, Melanie!” 

– Leah Brown

Lets make Magic!

Book your free session to further connect with your divinity.

Discovery, Healing, and Transformation.


Relational Truma
Self Discovery

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Relational trauma
Relational Trauma Recovery

“Loving Ourselves to Love the World!”

F*K yes. I'm ready to change my life!