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Guiding mommas to

heal and elevate,

living a life of Radiance!

“Loving Ourselves to Love The World.”

Hey babe,

Through the lessons I’ve learned and the experiences I’ve had, I hope to inspire others through my writing and my teachings. 

I know that despite past choices and unhealthy relationships, you can shift your life.  You can transform and evolve, leading yourself from a place of embodied empowerment.

Living Life Deliciously. 

Read the Blog, all about the sweet and sour of relationships and motherhood.  There is something juicy and contemplative here for you. 

Rise in Radiance. This is your moment!

Until the next time Sunshine,

Melanie Carolyn



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 Hey babe, toxic relationships are suffocating. When you’ve finally freed yourself from that person, you may no longer know who you are or how to heal. Together, let’s explore the path you can take to heal, evolve, and love yourself once again. 

From here on may lead yourself from a place of sovereignty and trust. 

Please schedule your free session to explore how I can further support your journey.

Lets Connect, Babe! 

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